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 For your safety and sanity concerns, we're using pipeless pedicure chairs with one time use Liner, disposable Pedicure Kits and Paraffin Wax.

All metal tools are cleaned and disinfected with Barbicide and Autoclave.

 Refresh Pedicure   $37  (35 min.)

    Put the spring back in your step! This wonderfully energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in peppermint sea-salt, cuticle detail, callus removal and heel conditioning. Sugar scrub exfoliates form feet to knee, scented lotion massage and hot towel wrap to seal in skin moisturize. Complete this stimulating experience with a polish of your choice.

 Deluxe Pedicure   $42  (45 min.)


    A perfect way to revive and condition your tired feet. It’s a Refresh  Pedicure packed with the addition of extra treatments: sugar scrub exfoliate, deep hot stone massage, green tea foot mask, hot towel wrap. Polish of your choice for perfectly happy feet.*

 Spa In the Box   $47  (45 min.)   


  This Best best-selected all-in-one Spa Pedicure package with various scents will meet your desire: Green Tea, Lavender Relieve, Orange Twist, Cucumber Fresh, Milk & Honey, Jasmine Soothe…..

* Including Sugar scrub exfoliate, extended hot stone massage, hot paraffin, foot mask, warm towels wrap and polish. 


 Pamper Me Pedicure $52 (55 min.)

 This luxurious treatment begins with Spa in the Boc package plus an extra intensive 10-minute hot stone massage, and hydrating foot mask. A soothing 8-minute neck and shoulder massage will help recover muscle stiffness, reduce tension, and ease day-to-day stress. Concluding with the polish of your choice. Our most relaxed pedicure yet.

Pure Essential Oils Pedicure   $60  (65 min.)

  Its a special pedicure offers many benefits of The Essential Oils combined with spa pedicure luxuries will maximize your relaxation.  The Essential Oils we offer are 100% pure and organic, offering brisk, calming, sweet and invigorating health benefits. Refreshes the skin and evokes feelings of freshness and peace with our 10-minute neck & shoulder stress relieve massage, also helping in reduce shoulder muscle soreness.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil: Brisk, cool, centering, invigorating, mint, sweet, and green

  2. Lemon Essential Oil: Fresh, clean, bright, uplifting, pure, citrus, and fruity.

  3. Brisa Essential Oil: Uplifting, spicy, camphor, and woody.

  1. CoolTouch Essential Oil: Brisk, restorative, refreshing, sweet, fruity, and floral.

  2. CalmaVida Essential Oil : Fresh, brisk, heady, floral, grounding, and calming.

 Comes with neck wrapping, extended hot stone massage, hot paraffin wax, sugar scrub exfoliation, foot mask and polish.

 Luxury Detox Spa Pedicure   $70  (70 min.)

   Relax and rejuvenate with La Palm Volcano Spa, a new luxury spa experience pedicure treatment. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion! Available in amazing scents:


  1. Honey Pearl

  2. Orange No. 5

  3. Green Tea & Aloe Vera

  4. Tropical Citrus

  5. Lavender Eruption...and more.


 Volcano Spa includes five steps: Detox Volcano Crystals, Detox Volcano Activator, Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Collagen Cream Mask and Collagen Massage Lotion made with organic-based ingredients. Including warm neck wrapping, extended 15 minutes hot stone for foot and 15 minutes neck and shoulder stress relief massage. Polish of your choice. (70 min.)





 Indulge  in a refreshing foot soak and relaxing foot massage after a long day at  work. We offer different types of spa pedicures to meet you needs from  express to go to extended relaxing experience.
lavender pedicure
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