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 How good is your nail care routine? Many of us regularly neglect our  hands, nails and cuticles  leaving them feeling dry and rough. We  offer many nail treatments that will suit a variety of needs.

 We strive our best to provide what is best to our loved customers,

we have 10 days guarantee policy on all nails works, including cracks, chipped, peeling or broken nails, you get us covered.

* Excluding change of your mind later (colors, designs, length, shapes...) and regular polishes. We always happy to offer the best solutions to keep all of us to a point of satisfaction.

Shellac Manicure

          Nails Enhancement

Solar Powder with polish    $45

Non yellow and high quality acrylic form of nail enhancement. Popular,
strong and ideal for brittle nails and requires low maintenance.

Solar Pink & White   $55

  Classic permanent French style with durable pink powder on nail bed

and white powder on the tips. Classy and shiny finish looking.

Dipping Powder        $45 ( Free take off  old dipping )

  An alternative of ways to get your nail stronger without hash chemicals,

no odor no liquid reaction, more healthier less damage. Feels and looks natural.

Color Powder           $45 

A better way to strengthen your nails with durable permanent colors

Create your own color of choices for beautiful catching eye designs.












Classic Manicure  $18

  Basic nail care: nail shape, cuticle detail, massage and polish. Short, sweet but efficient.

Deluxe Manicure  $25

  Combines a Classic manicure with additional steam towels wrap, a paraffin treatment

that seals in moisture for softer skin and hands, extended massage.

Shellac / Gels Manicures    $37

  A classic manicure and special Gel polish that is worry-free of chips or dull color up to two weeks.

No need for drying time and provides strong natural nails protection with shiny finish.

Plenty color of choices. A must try for nails polish lovers!







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