How good is your nail care routine? Many of us regularly neglect our  hands, nails and cuticles  leaving them feeling dry and rough. We  offer many nail treatments that will suit a variety of needs.

          Nails Enhancement

Solar Pink Powder   $35

Non yellow and high quality acrylic form of nail enhancement. Popular,
strong and ideal for brittle nails and requires low maintenance.

Solar Pink & White   $45

  Classic permanent French style with durable pink powder on nail bed

and white powder on the tips.Classy and shiny finish looking.

Dipping Powder        $45

  An alternative of ways to get your nail stronger without hash chemicals,

no odor no liquid reaction,more healthier less damage. Feels and looks natural.

Color Powder           $45

A better way to strengthen your nails with durable permanent colors

.Create your own color of choices for beautiful catching eye designs.




Classic Manicure  $17

  Basic nail care: nail shape,cuticle detail,massage and polish.Short,sweet but efficient.

Deluxe Manicure  $25

  Combines a Classic manicure with additional steam towels wrap, a paraffin treatment

that seals in moisture for softer skin and hands, extended massage.

Keratin Waterless Manicure  $35

  Remarkable Special formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients, Keratin rich gloves

loaded with intensive, fortifying emulsion to strengthen nails, soften cuticles, deep moisturize

hands for silky smooth skin. Comes with Sugar glow scrub, paraffin wax and hot towel wrapping.

Shellac / Gels Manicures    $35

  A classic manicure and special Gel polish that is worry-free of chips or dull color up to two weeks.

No need for drying time and provides strong natural nails protection with shiny finish.

Plenty color of choices.A must try for nails polish lovers!






 For your safety and sanity concerns, we're using pipeless pedicure chairs with one time use liner and disposable Pedicure Kits. All metal tools are cleaned and disinfected with autoclave.

 Refresh Pedicure   $33  (35 min.)*

    Put the spring back in your step! This wonderfully energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in peppermint sea-salt, cuticle detail, callus removal and heel conditioning. Sugar scrub exfoliate form feet to knee, scented lotion massage and hot towel wrap to seal in skin moisturize. Complete this stimulating experience with a polish of your choice.

 Escape Pedicure   $40  (45 min.)*


    A perfect way to revive and condition your tired feet. It’s a Refresh  Pedicure with the addition of extra treatments: sugar scrub exfoliate, deep hot stone massage, green tea foot mask, hot towel wrap and enjoy relaxing 5 minute shoulder massage. Polish of your choice for perfectly happy feet.*

 Spa In the Box   $45  (55 min.)   


  This Best Selected All-in-one Spa Pedicure package with various scents  will meet your desire:                                     Green Tea, Lavender Relieve, Orange Twist, Cucumber Fresh, Milk & Honey, Jasmine Soothe…..

* Including Sugar scrub exfoliate, hot stone massage,hot paraffin, foot mask, warm towels wrap and polish. 


 Essential Oils Pedicure   $60  (65 min.)

  Its a special pedicure offers many benefits of The Essential Oils combine with spa pedicure luxuries will maximize your relaxing.  The Essential Oils we offer are 100% pure and organic, offering brisk, calming,sweet and invigorating health benefits. Refreshes the skin and evokes feelings of freshness and peace with our 10 minute neck & shoulder stress relieve massage, also helping in reduce shoulder muscle soreness.

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil: Brisk, cool, centering, invigorating, mint, sweet, and green

  2. Lemon Essential Oil: Fresh, clean, bright, uplifting, pure, citrus, and fruity.

  3. Brisa Essential Oil: Uplifting, spicy, camphor, and woody.

  1. CoolTouch Essential Oil: Brisk, restorative, refreshing, sweet, fruity, and floral.

  2. CalmaVida Essential Oil : Fresh, brisk, heady, floral, grounding, and calming.

 Comes with neck wrapping,hot stone massage,hot paraffin wax,sugar scrub exfoliate, foot mask and polish.

 Detox Spa Pedicure   $65  (70 min.)

   Relax and rejuvenate with La Palm Volcano Spa, a new luxury spa experience pedicure treatment. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion! Available in five amazing scents:


  1. Honey Pearl

  2. Orange No. 5

  3. Green Tea & Aloe Vera

  4. Tropical Citrus

  5. Lavender Eruption


 Volcano Spa includes five steps: Detox Volcano Crystals, Detox Volcano Activator, Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Collagen Cream Mask and Collagen Massage Lotion made with organic based ingredients. Including warm neck wrapping, extended 15 min. neck and shoulder stress relieve massage, helping recovery shoulder muscle soreness. Polish of your choice. (70 min.)



Anti Aging Facial Treatment     $85

   Anti-aging Multi-vitamin by Dermalogica, this treatment targets the focal areas with a Pure Collagen Eyes Pad, which intensely hydrates crows-feet and wrinkles,control the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging, including fine lines, age spots, and skin sagging. Treats the signs of visible aging so skin is smoother, firmer and healthier.Followed by a luxury warm stone neck massage. A truly unique and memorable experience exclusively at Nails & Spa of Bunker Hill.

European Facial Treatment     $60

   Our facial treatments are fully inclusive to deliver your skin’s best health and specific needs. Involves a combination of a professional double cleanse, exfoliation of skin impurities, extractions (as needed), facial massage to rejuvenate and increase circulation. Includes natural formulated masque, toner and skin protection followed by neck & shoulder massage. Leave relaxed with a glowing, refined complexion.

Acne Facial Treatment               $50

  Target those problem areas with deep cleansing ,exfoliating and calming treatment.An all nature enzyme peel is applied to your face followed by thorough extraction and high frequency.This soothing treatment deep cleans pores and calms redness and breakouts while reducing the appearance of acne scars.A detoxifying calming mask is applied to reduce the redness and sooth the skin.

       Add on Essential Oils Neck and Shoulder Massage

   100% pure essential oil blend that provides an uplifting tonic for your muscles and tissue,

   evokes feelings of freshness and peace. Your body deserve the best.      (10 min.  $15.00)

       We offer

Full Waxing Services.

       Eyelash Extension


  •        Full set Special            $75  (90 - 120 min.)

  •       Volume 3D Lash          $150 (100 - 150 min.)

  •       Relash  2 - 4 weeks      $50 up

  •       Flare Lashes                 $30   

  •       Lash Strip                     $15


   Each  and every facial treatment is tailored to meet your individual skincare  needs, targeting specific concerns and helping to restore optimum skin  health.Try  our waxing service and feel confident when leaving your waxing needs in  our hands. We work hard to make your experience as pain free as  possible.  


 Indulge  in a refreshing foot soak and relaxing foot massage after a long day at  work. We offer different types of spa pedicures to meet you needs from  express to go to extended relaxing experience.

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